Expert in uses and energy performance

Idealys supports professionals subject to RE2020, tertiary and BACS decrees and all of those who wish to add innovation into their buildings by managing connectivity, equipment and services that make a building and its management more sustainable, smarter and more human. 

By making its super-app available in offices and residences, Idealys is guiding occupants towards the discovery of new uses while supporting their comfort as well as a better integration into their living spaces and their environment.


A turnkey solution

For you, real estate developers, property managers, social landlords
and properties: the tailor-made Odycé offer!

ODYCÉ: the integrated digital offer for connected buildings


2022 - SW - PIN-05 To comply with legal duties;
2022 - SW - PIN-05 To guarantee your buildings’ energy performance;
2022 - SW - PIN-05 To enjoy economies of scale and optimize your balance sheets or your planned workload;
2022 - SW - PIN-05 To provide your occupants with a maximum of customizable services:  access control, videotelephony, home automation, mobility, EVSE, shared spaces management… All of this in one single mobile app!




2023 - SW - Picto Odyce GTB_Odyce_assistanceconseil_color

Assistance & advice
on every equipment.

2023 - SW - Picto Odyce GTB_Odyce_installation_color

Provision & installation
of equipment and internet connexion.

2023 - SW - Picto Odyce GTB_Odyce_maintenance_color

Integration & maintenance
with a dedicated support and an items and labour warranty.

2023 - SW - Picto Odyce GTB_Odyce_alarmes_color

Be alerted when alarms are triggered so you can act as fast as possible.

2023 - SW - Picto Odyce GTB_Odyce_chauffageclim_color

Heating and air conditioning
Control the HVAC system to have a sustainably impact on your energy consumption.

2023 - SW - Picto Odyce GTB_Odyce_eclairage_color

Save energy by finely controlling your buildings’ lighting.

2023 - SW - Picto Odyce GTB_Odyce_arrosage_color

Preserve resources by adjusting consumptions dedicated to watering.


Customize the platform and super-app, and meet the needs of your co-ownership,
your building, your business, your project or your neighbourhood the best you can!

A management platform

dedicated to property managers
for a simple and smart running


2022 - SW - PIN-06 Building Management System (BMS)

2022 - SW - PIN-06 Charging stations management

2022 - SW - PIN-06 Implementation of badges and remote controls

2022 - SW - PIN-06 Incidents reporting and technical alerts

2022 - SW - PIN-06 Multi-fluid energy management
and heating

2022 - SW - PIN-06 Etc...


2023 10 - Screen App BO2


A mobile app

designed to best meet the needs of building’s occupants

2022 - SW - PIN-06 Monitoring
of energy consumption

2022 - SW - PIN-06 Home automation management

2022 - SW - PIN-06 Parking spaces booking

2022 - SW - PIN-06 Eco-challenges

2022 - SW - PIN-06 Information exchanges platform

2022 - SW - PIN-06 Electric charging stations management

2022 - SW - PIN-06 Etc...




Solution’s advantages

2023 - SW - Picto Odyce GTB_Odyce_pilotage_color

Centralized services

2023 - SW - Picto Odyce GTB_Odyce_economies_color

Costs optimization

2023 - SW - Picto Odyce GTB_Odyce_vacance_color

Reduced risks of vacancy

2023 - SW - Picto Odyce GTB_Odyce_conformite_color

Legal compliance

2023 - SW - Picto Odyce GTB_Odyce_cleenmain_color

Turnkey solution: equipment, service and operations

2023 - SW - Picto Odyce GTB_Odyce_travaux_color

Simple installation both in new and existing buildings  


They trust us

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In a few words…




Connected housing


Housing to roll out




M² of rolled out offices


M² of offices to roll out


our mobile app

Reaches up to...


Of connected apartments per residence


Minutes of engagement per session

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A very practical app. A really nice and very useful concept in everyday life!
Good idea! Following our last conversation, I confirm: the idea is good taking into account that everybody plays the game, especially the professional trustees who manage the building we are living in. Update done with ours: your app should now take on its full meaning.
Very useful app on a daily basis. I first thought the principle was appealing but I was waiting to be able to use it in my everyday life. Verdict: I see a real benefit in my daily life. This app adapts to everybody’s lifestyle. I’ve just arrived in a new city and it permitted me to meet my neighbours and to connect with them, it also helped me to discover my neighbourhood. The energy functionality made me discover my management abilities: I’m learning how to manage my power consumption, I spend less money and regarding the actual context, this is not negligible. Well done!

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