Innovation at the service of tomorrow's real estate

Idealys & The French PropTech


Or how to revolutionize real estate



Real estate professionals have been involved in digital mutation for several years, alongside start-ups reunited in a movement created in 2018 between Montpellier and Nantes, the «PropTech», driven by many Montpellier companies and under the patronage of SERM/SA3M and SAMOA. This movement has become «The French PropTech» countrywide.

Idealys, through the commitment of its CEO and Co-founder of the French PropTech, Michaël Lalande, is a major player in this movement. 

Why are we at the heart of the French PropTech?

- To make a strong commitment to the smart city.
- To unite around us the companies that are open to rethinking real estate.
- To share our ideas on the city of tomorrow: large, united, thrifty and supportive.
- And manage together to find intelligent, easy and concrete solutions.


The French PropTech in Montpellier: at the center of an avant-garde project!


The future construction of the The French PropTech Montpellier totem building has been formalized in early 2020 by 3M and SERM/SA3M.

This construction is part of an innovative project, realized by Neocity Promotion and Cogim alongside companies like Idealys, which idea is to integrate tertiary activity at the heart of residential spaces. It gathers a mixed program of offices, stores, housings, and will allow urban lifestyles’ evolution, for the benefit of users’ quality of life and our new society environmental stakes.

Urban innovation’s showcase, this emblematic complex will be a genuine meeting point for real estate, construction and town planning actors. It will be THE place that reunites residents, office workers and tradesmen, within same living spaces capable of connecting all of the services offered: coworking, hobbies, local products purchases.


Located in the Rive Gauche eco-district, at the crossroads between Port Marianne and République neighbourhoods, near Odysseum and the airport, The French PropTech totem building will welcome Idealys’ offices from June 2024.

Skylab French Proptech Montpellier