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1. Legal information and distribution right 

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The same applies to the translation, adaptation and/or arrangement by any means whatsoever.

2. Granted protection to databases

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3. Publisher

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4. Web host

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5. Information use

Idealys cannot be held responsible for the interpretation and/or the use of one or more information published on the website, and the consequences resulting from this interpretation and/or this use.The potential exploitation of one or any information on the website by any user is made under the sole responsability of this user only, and Idealys cannot be held responsible for this exploitation and/or the consequences resulting.


6. Hypertext links

The exchange of hypertext links is allowed as long as the following URL is reproduced: Idealys disclaims all responsibility concerning the websites’ content to which refers.


7. Trademark and logo protection

Any use of one or multiple trademarks and/or one or more logos or visuals of this website without any approval is illicit and constitutes a counterfeit criminally punishable under the Intellectual Property Code provisions.


8. Cookies

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored inside your device (computer, tablet, telephone) when you consult a website.
These tools play a part in many services’ realization on the internet. Inter alia, they allow us to collect statistics in order to optimize the website’s functionality and they give you access to content adapted to your needs. A cookie can be classified by its lifespan and by its domain.
By lifespan: a session cookie that is erased when the user shuts down its web browser; a persistent cookie that remains stored on the user’s terminal hard drive for a preset period.
By domain: first-party cookies deposited by the browser of the website visited that shares the same domain; third-party cookies that are deposited by a different domain from the one on the visited website.

Which type of cookies does our website use?

  • Necessary cookies: they can be used for authentication or security purpose. They are mandatory to allow some website’s functions and to ensure its safety.
  • Technical cookies: these still active cookies are necessary for the correct operation of the website and are used for the improvement and the optimization of user’s experience on the website. They can include cookies that permit you to remember your passing on the website during a session, or read media content («flash» cookies). These purely functional cookies’ use does not require your prior consent.
  • Performance and analysis cookies: these cookies quantify the number of users as well as they measure and analyze the usage statistics of our website. These analytic cookies inhance the website’s ergonomics by anonymously analyzing the visitor’s use. In some cases, these cookies improve your enquiries’ processing speed by letting us saving your website’s preferences. These purely functional cookies’ use does not require your prior consent.
  • Advertising and third-party system cookies: they collect information about your browsing habits and your interests in order to provide relevant advertising.


If you have accepted cookies’ recording in your device via your browser’s settings, the cookies integrated into the pages and contents you have already consulted may be stored for a period of 13 months in a dedicated space on your device. They will exclusively be readable by the issuer. We will renew our consent request every 13 months, via the reappearance of the banner warning about the use of cookies.


How to disable cookies?

You can change your browser’s setting to allow, block or remove audience measurement cookies that are installed on your computer.

Cookies preferences must be determined for each browser. You usually have several cookies’ setting options, such as: allowing or totally forbidding cookies, deleting specific cookies that have already been registered by the browser, stopping some websites from sending cookies onto your computer, or blocking third-party cookies (while navigating on a website, cookies are sent onto your computer by another website).

For more information about cookies, you can also visit the CNIL website.