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Corporate culture 


A human scaled team, united around the values of a job well done.
A sharing, transparency and simplicity state of mind.
Coaching and mentoring through benevolence.
A flexible work environment, pleasant offices and nice relaxing moments.
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We all have a common goal: to give a life and a soul to buildings and neighbourhoods, for residents, tradesmen and employees’ comfort and safety, by providing them a multi-service app. We all know where we are heading and why; and we move forward together!

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A HR policy that finds its foundations in each collaborator’s personal development. We each have a role to play and we feel the importance given by the company to the realization of our ambition and well-being. Because we are the driving force behind the development of Idealys and we are valued for that!

We work together, in an environment of trust and empowerment.

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We think outside the box, challenge received ideas and cultivate disruption and action to build innovative offers. We welcome the ideas and views of all.

We are passionnate about technology. We design and implement reliable solutions resting on high-end architecture in order to constantly improve our productivity.

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Idealys also is...

formation graduation
Training courses
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Ticket restaurant card
snacking coffee
Snacking, coffee/tea
and drinks
Game times during the day and the evening
Cooption bonus
Flexibility and teleworking
afterwork beers
Afterworks organized by the company 
beach rest
Compensatory time
eco responsability
A CSR charter matching our engagements

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